• Welcome to “Accord”, my blog space…

    I am musician, I have created this space to share my idea’s on the value, significance and practice of music.

    DISCLAIMER: I have never attempted to maintain a blog; I’m just now learning the conventions both stylistically and technically. I apologize in advance for any rookie errors/omissions and I’m completely open to counsel:)

    I am 33 years old, an expatriate Northern Californian (b. SF, CA 1979) currently residing in Brooklyn NY (2009 -present). I moved to the East Coast to pursue career ambitions of being a performing artist. I never liked the idea that a person needed their surroundings to be some extreme of stimulation or depravation in order to evolve, however in these last 3+ years I have been exposed to things both musically and otherwise that have undoubtably altered me. ┬áI seem to need this place for the time being although my world view and my primary musical instincts were formed at home. ┬áReally what New York confronts a developing musician with is sheer numbers of dedicated and ambitious people trying their damndest to climb that same precarious internal ladder of perfection they are. That’s the allure and for now that’s why I stay. Since I’m here in musical Mecca I might as well report. I’ll dedicate some of this blog to biographical updates and impressions of New York (or at least the creative scenes I run in).

    I may also indulge myself and talk about historical musical figures and (here I go…) what role culture plays in generating musical language.

    Really though, I set out writing this blog to share my idea’s on the practice of music.

    My hope is to create a dialogue that will encompass a spectrum from philosophy to physical technique (and the debatable stuff in between). I consider myself a well trained and well informed student of music. I’ve put certain concepts and exercises to work that I feel have helped me reach my goals as a musician; I am now inclined to document and share them here.


    Kindly yours,

    Luke W.

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  • Instrumental Music (2007 -2009)

    [expand title="get track info"] Tracks 1-3:
    Luke Westbrook TREE
    at Red Poppy Art House SF, CA
    Oct. 12th, 2007
    Tenor Sax - Matt Nelson
    Guitar - L.Westbrook
    Upr. Bass - Matt Montgomery
    Drums - Kevin Stewart

    Tracks 4-5:
    Luke Westbrook TREE
    "'S" Studio Recording
    Engineered by Noah Waldman
    Guitar - L. Westbrook
    Upr. Bass - M. Montgomery
    Drums - Donald "Duck" Bailey

    Tracks 6-7:
    Live Recordings LWTREE
    Engineered by Kamran Mobasser
    Guitar - L. Westbrook
    Bass (tr.6) - M. Montgomery Drums (tr.6) - Donald "Duck" Bailey
    Bass (tr.7) - Devin Hoff
    Drums (tr.7) - Smith Dobson

  • Jazz Guitar (1998-2007)

    [expand title="get track info"] Track 1:
    Luke Westbrook Trio
    Recorded Live at
    The Revolution Cafe SF, CA
    Guitar - L. Westbrook
    Upr. Bass - Devin Hoff
    Drums - Smith Dobson

    Tracks 2-3:
    "Dinner Sessions" EP
    Engineered by Neil Harris
    Guitar - L. Westbrook
    Upr. Bass - Matthew Montgomery
    Drums - Lumpy Stapely

    Tracks 4-7:
    Luke Westbrook Trio
    4 song demo EP
    Engineered by Noah Waldman
    Guitar - L. Westbrook
    Bass (tr.4-6) - David Whitten
    Bass (tr.7) - Matthew Montgomery
    Drums (tr.4-6) - Joe Paymar
    Drums (tr.7) - Noah Waldman

    Track 8:
    Luke Westbrook Solo
    Engineered by Joe Hoffman
    Guitar - L. Westbrook
  • Sideman Projects (1999-2004)

    [expand title="get track info"]
    Tracks 1-3:
    Various by Chris Peck
    Engineered by L. Westbrook
    Vcls./text - Chris Peck
    Keyboard Ins. (tr.1-2) - L. Westbrook
    Bk.Vcls./Keys. (tr.3) - Greg Scott
    Bk.Vcls./Keys. (tr.3) - L. Westbrook
    Bk./Ld. Vcls. (tr.3) - Brian Weeber

    Tracks 4-7:
    Various by Brian Weeber
    Lead Vcl./Gtr. - Brian Weeber
    Keys./Org. - L. Westbrook
    Bass (tr.4-6) - Tom Davis
    Bass/ Bk. Vcls. (tr.7) - Dave Whitten
    Drums (tr.4) - Noah Waldman
    Drums (tr.5-6) - Joe Paymar
    Drums (tr.7) - John Logan
    Sax. (tr.4) - Charles Gurke
    Sax. (tr.5) - M. Montgomery
    Trpt. (tr.5) - A. Hilliard
    Perc. (tr.7) - C. Peck
    Bk. Vcls. (tr.7) - G. Scott

    Tracks 8-9:
    "Trust" EP
    Engineered by Jon Mulvey
    Ld. Vcls./Keys./Bs. - L. Westbrook
    Gtrs. - Marco Galli
    Drms. - J. Logan

    Tracks 10-12:
    Devon Shane
    Engineered by Noah Waldman
    Ld. Vcls./Rhy. Gtr. - Devon Shane
    Bass - Uriah Duffy
    Drums - Noah Waldman
    Ld. Gtr. - Luke Westbrook
    Sax. - Charles Gurke

  • Solo Voice and Guitar (1997-98)

    [expand title="get track info"] "Solo Voice and Guitar" EP
    All tracks by L. Westbrook
    Engineered by Joe Hoffman
    Voice/Gtr. - L. Westbrook
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